Who we are

Well, unlike many other internet diamond jewellery suppliers, we actually have a family history of over 100 years in making quality diamond jewellery. Additionally, Joseph King’s director, Yohan Hanna, is a master diamond jewellery craftsman having won many jewellery making awards and is known both nationally (in Australia) and internationally. The short of it, we have a real history and are real diamond jewellery makers.


A diamond jewellery piece is not just an “item”, its physical part of you that expresses a feeling or commitment. Take the diamond engagement ring as an example, this is symbol of eternal commitment between 2 married couples. It’s our job to make sure that your diamond engagement ring perfectly and flawlessly represent this beautiful commitment made by you. As you can see we take our job in making diamond jewellery seriously and strive only to make the best for you.


We will be short and sweet, we simply do not compromise on quality. All our diamond jewellery is produced to the absolute highest standard. We make each piece of jewellery as if it were being made for Joseph King’s director himself! Given our many years experience we know how to deliver the highest quality diamond at the most competitive price. After your Joseph King experience you won’t be disappointed or shop anywhere else for diamond jewellery ever again.


Our design are modern, classical or personal and we offer by far one of largest range of diamond engagement rings worldwide. However you may not know what you want or probably want something personal, this is our specialty, making custom designed engagement rings and jewellery. We are master jewellers by trade and know exactly how to lead you in designing your perfect engagement ring. Our office headquarters is in Sydney CDB, Australia, so do feel free to visit us and speak to our jewellers and/or diamond experts.

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